Management Consulting Competencies – Level1

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of initial overview the consulting. Effort will be placed on developing proficiencies in a range of skills required to practice consulting. The course is mainly relevant to those: who are specifically interested in consulting careers and / or whose current or future jobs involve consulting or line management using consultants. Trainees will gain in this course the knowledge of management consulting practices, improve ability to define key factors and issues relevant to a consulting engagement, improve ability to present analyses of issues and organizational problems in a concise, accurate, clear, and interesting manner.

1.Introduction to Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting history
  • Management Consulting Specializations in high level
  • Steps in a Consulting Project.

2.Consulting approach to problem solving.

  • Introduction to management consulting.
  • What are consulting project types?
  • Understanding the projects type and phases
  • Problem solving cycle.
  • Define and structuring problem.
  • Develop problem proposal and solutions.
  • Build problem solution plan.
  • Implementation and reporting

3.Introduction to presentations and communication

  • Introduction to presentations and communication
  • Using PDCA cycle to create consulting slides.
  • Management consulting presentation basic blocks
  • The power of storytelling for consultants
  • Keep vertical and horizontal logic.
  • Combine the best of written and oral presentation skills.
  • Communicate the main message in 2 mins.
  • Oral presentation style.
  • Don’t read your slide.
  • Wrap up.

4.Operations Analysis

  • SWOT
  • Value Chain analysis
  • Balanced scorecard

5.Special management consulting topics

  • Strategy and Performance management fundamental
  • Portfolio, Program, project Management, and PMO fundamental
  • Change Management fundamental
  • Risk Management fundamental
  • Business Process Management (BPMN) fundamental
  • Benefits management