Objectives, Key Results (OKR)

Course Overview: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the OKR framework and its application in setting and achieving goals within organizations. Trainees will learn how to effectively define objectives, develop key results, align teams, track progress, and drive results using the OKR methodology.

1. Overview of OKR framework and its history
2. Objectives, key results, and their importance
3. Benefits of adopting OKRs for organizational success
4. Linking OKRs to organizational strategy and vision
5. OKR vs MBO, KPI, and BSC
6. Designing Effective OKRs
7. Setting departmental and team-level OKRs
8. Steps for implementing OKRs in an organization.
9. How do OKRs and KPIs work together
10. Developing an OKR rollout strategy and timeline
11. Tracking and Measuring OKR Progress
12. OKR Challenges and Pitfalls
13. OKRs Agility