Portfolio, Programme, and Project Offices (P3O)

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the P3M, P3O framework, its components, and its role in optimizing portfolio, program, and project management within an organization. Trainees will know the differences between portfolio, programme, and project management, and what functions and services the P3O should offer. In addition, they will know types of P3O models to enhance strategic alignment, delivery excellence, and overall organizational performance.

1. What are P3M?
2. What is the purpose of P3M?
3. Definitions of portfolio, Programme, Project
4. The role of Portfolio, Programme & Project Management
5. Portfolio, programme, and project lifecycles
6. What is Benefit, Outcome, and Output?
7. What are P3Os?
8. What is the purpose of P3O?
9. How does a P3O add value?
10. Governance and the P3O
11. What functions and services should the P3O offer?
12. Roles and responsibilities of the P3O.
13. What are P3O Tools?