Our job is not to tell you what to do; our job is to work with you, hand in hand, to gain a better grasp of both internal and external factors; thus, achieving your desired results and goals is no longer a dream, but a successful reality

As a leading Saudi management consulting firm, we are proud to boast that we have a team of experts who is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to take your company to the next level.

Digital Transformation and Technology Services icon Digital Transformation and Technology Services icon

Digital Transformation and Technology Services

The first step is providing an overall look at how security processes are being handled, the potential dangers and risks that can harm the client’s business, and then extract various solutions provided by iValue’s knowledgeable team of experts that can be adopted in business models. Continue reading

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Risk Management & Security Assessment

Safety and security are at the core of any business’s longevity in our modern world. Companies do not have the luxury to skip this vital and crucial part, as their data, information, employees, teams, operations, processes and everything that the company is comprised of cannot be compromised. Having this information get in the wrong hands have adverse effects that can be easily avoided by having a robust security system in place. Continue reading

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Undoubtedly, outsourcing has recently become one of the most popular approaches that companies adopt to mainly help them in reducing expenses significantly, while still maintaining the same quality and deliverables in a timely and efficient manner. When it comes to outsourcing, it is not a one size fits all kind of approach. Every company is different in terms of its needs, requirements, goals and objectives. Continue reading

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Financial Services icon Financial Services icon

Financial Services

It is a known fact that without having unified goals and strategies that the whole company agrees on, and that is cascaded down to all levels and departments, the company and its future are doomed sooner rather than later. Add to that, having financial goals and adhering religiously to those goals, will prevent the company from sinking, especially in this highly competitive environment, regardless of the industry and the field it is operating in. Continue reading

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Customer Experience Services icon Customer Experience Services icon

Customer Experience Services

Companies that believe in building long-term connections with their customers are rewarded with long-term client loyalty. One negative customer experience can wreak havoc on a company, which can be reflected on customer retention, loyalty and the company’s overall reputation. The secret to customer loyalty, goodwill, high net worth and financial stability is putting clients and customers first. Continue reading

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Organization and Development Services icon Organization and Development Services icon

Organization and Development Services

Organizational development is a scientific process. Thus, it requires a lot of details and an in-depth analysis that can only be carried out by experts in the field. With the everchanging work environment and the insanely competitive corporate world, organizational design has gained a lot of momentum in this modern age. It is a crucial element that all companies must pay attention to, especially that today’s world has now been known for VUCA. Continue reading

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System Design & Implementations icon System Design & Implementations icon

System Design & Implementations

Software engineering processes that design, form, build and develop agile software systems is one of the most important aspects that iValue is heavily invested in to ensure that their clients are performing well and reaching their full potential. Continue reading

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PMO Setup & Operations Support icon PMO Setup & Operations Support icon

PMO Setup & Operations Support

PMO is a vital aspect in any successful organization. It plays a significant role in terms of project status and direction across all levels of the organization. When establishing a PMO, the main objectives revolve around high quality, accomplishing projects on time and within the allocated budget. Organizations that believe in the power of the PMO and rely on it achieve their goals and their projects are always deemed successful. Continue reading

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Performance Management icon Performance Management icon

Performance Management

Performance management can be applied to the entire organization, a certain department, or even a small group of employees. The premise of performance management is producing the highest quality of work by employees who are motivated to utilize their competencies and skillset, to ultimately achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The management monitor the employees and their performance, Continue reading

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Strategy Management icon Strategy Management icon

Strategy Management

The main objective of strategy management is making the organization more competitive in the market. It focuses on a set of procedures, processes and tactics to help the organization achieve its goals. It also pinpoints the threats that can undermine the organization’s performance and helps in alleviating them. Strategy management is an ongoing process that must be frequently assessed and tweaked if need be. It is a continuous framework for wise decision making that provides a clear outlook onto the future. Continue reading

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