Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

Course Overview: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the MSP framework and its application in managing complex programs within organizations. Trainees will learn how to effectively plan, implement, and deliver programs to achieve strategic objectives, enhance organizational performance, and drive transformation.

  1. Overview of MSP framework and principles
  2. Objectives and benefits of using MSP.
  3. Differentiating between projects and programs
  4. MSP principles and how they guide program management.
  5. Stakeholder engagement and accountability in program governance
  6. Identifying program outcomes and benefits
  7. Developing a program mandate and blueprint
  8. Establishing a program organization structure
  9. Developing a program plan and roadmap
  10. Aligning program objectives with organizational strategy
  11. Designing and managing program components and projects
  12. Managing quality, scope, and integration across program components
  13. Monitoring program performance and progress