How Unleashing The True Potential Of Saudi Youth Benefit The Economy

A new era of technological advancements and youth empowerment has dawned upon the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The massive...

By Amani Alafghani

  • June 16, 2021
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Amani Alafghani

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A new era of technological advancements and youth empowerment has dawned upon the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The massive and noticeably phenomenal change lies in transforming Saudi Arabia and opening the golden doors of opportunity for the entire economy. The goal is to focus and take optimum advantage of the tech-savvy youth. This is extended to also enhancing their knowledge, skillsets and the potential to play a significant role in the competitive market.

The Saudi youth is the foundation of a bright economic future. Proper and strategic Investment in the youth will move Saudi Arabia globally towards not only financial advantages, but also cultural and geopolitical.

How Can Technology Revolutionize Saudi’s Economy?

The objective is to enable the youth to get full access to the latest technology. Post-pandemic situations have forced the current system to shift Saudi’s usual tactics. Even though oil is a significant resource, the need for diversification has increased more than ever to bring in sustainability. The idea is to build a knowledge-based economy through innovative projects and training programs. The integration of research centres and localizing technology is enhancing the ways for better pathways. Furthermore, countless programs are developing under the NSTIP targeting strategic areas.

Saudi is moving forward to a milestone of becoming a hub for development and growth. Although there are some challenges along the way, the determination to face and overcome these adversities is strong. As a result, several technology-related initiatives and projects aimed towards Saudi economic expansion and the youth’s empowerment have been rolled out.

The Importance of Management Consultation Firms for The Saudi Youth

Recently, the focus on oil as one of the most significant resources of the Saudi has changed. As a result, young aspirational people are the new fundamental factor to success.

More than half the population of Saudi Arabia is comprised of youth. Therefore, providing them with the opportunity to work alongside the global experts can enhance their expertise and greatly benefit the Saudi economy.

It is visible that projects such as Vision 2030 primarily revolve around establishing a society where there are countless opportunities for the youth—a place where they play a central role in making decisions, participating and making meaningful contributions. Business-focused consultation can provide multiple avenues of success and a pathway to thriving in a complex environment.

A consulting firm can help in providing the needed guidelines for restructuring new businesses. It significantly aids in building good judgment skills apart from providing a journey of enriched experiences of knowing and learning business strategies. It offers the perfect space for understanding the best tactics for ensuring sustainable growth. The youth need to know the secrets of dealing with real and complex business problems, as well as learning the art of designing customized solutions and creating profitable revenue streams.

iValue Consultation plays an integral role in offering world-class business management advice. In a technologically dependent world, it is an online platform that offers excellent consulting services all over Saudi. We partner with international companies to invite global expertise to cultivate the Saudi market further. With world-class guidance and training to the Saudi youth. We are an excellent platform for introducing and developing leading organizations for the Saudi future.

Unparalleled Training Programs

A wide variety of training programs are constantly introduced to support the new entrepreneurs. Not only this, but these initiatives are also offering great insight to the youth to help them start their successful businesses. The relevance of small and medium enterprises for the betterment of the economy has never been this essential. All these concerns have also resulted in tremendous programs such as Neom and even the Misk Academy.

Initiatives such as SPARK, Misk Academy and Neom will give the youth new opportunities to thrive, build professional skills and economic improvement, not only in the provincial regions but outside the main cities as well. These training programs will provide the youth with industry-recognized credentials and the chance to attain reliable employability.

All these platforms improve the youth’s learning experience to investment in the local communities—the better the human capital, the greater the chances of moving towards a non-oil economy.

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